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Anyone that has lived in Tampa for more than a few months knows just how quickly storms can develop. Categorized by strong wind gusts and torrential sudden downpours, these storms can do severe damage to your home or property especially if you have trees at risk. A lot of damage to life and property can be prevented by following a few simple steps long before the storm comes.

  • Have your trees assessed. If you are unsure of what is categorized as a risky tree, it is recommended you hire a licensed tree removal expert. A professional can locate issues and recommend corrective, and usually less expensive, action.

  • Dead or dying trees can pose a risk to your property. Their root systems are weakened which can cause them to topple in high winds and saturated ground. Wind can also break large branches off the tree which can land on vehicles or your home.

  • Overgrown trees near or encroaching the house can pose a significant threat as well. Windows could be broken allowing rain to enter the home in large quantities destroying your valuables.

  • Some trees may look healthy but be suffering from hidden issues that could cause them to weaken in a storm. Problems parasites such as bark beetles or even issues with drought can be likely suspects.

If there is any question whether a tree could be an issue in your yard, give us a call. We can help with all your tree service and removal needs.

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