Tree Removal and Trimming Questions - Tampa

Why should I hire an Arborist?

Arborists are trained in the science of good tree care and maintenance. They are experienced with all aspects of tree health and can determine the best course of action for your particular needs.

Our arborists are trained to handle trees properly that are:

encroaching power lines
structures on your property
streets or sidewalks
unhealthy and a risk to other yard vegetation
infested with harmful insects
damaged by violent storms

When is tree removal necessary?

Tree removal usually occurs after a major storm has caused damage to your trees or you have one that is diseased or dead. Our arborists will work with you to determine if the trees in question can be salvaged or if they are causing an unacceptable risk and should be removed.

Do you handle cleanup as well?

After we are done working with your trees, we remove all branches and limbs when we leave unless you specifically ask it to remain for recycling purposes. Your yard is ready to go once we are done.

Do you have references?

Yes. We are more than happy to provide you with a list of references of previous and return clients. If you are looking for an arborist, we strongly urge you to always ask for references from whomever you are considering. Also, be wary of door to door tree services. They may not be licensed or insured which can lead to potential risk for you.

Do you top trees or use tree spikes?

We do not top, nor do we recommend ever, doing this practice. It is extremely harmful to the tree's continued health and is actually illegal in some areas. We trim properly, targeting individual limbs to keep your trees healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

We only use tree spikes sparingly and when absolutely necessary and no other type of climbing tool can be used safely. We try to not distress the tree any more than necessary.

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